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Equity Placement and Loans Syndication

We handle all aspects of assignment for raising equity for our clients. We begin by understanding the client’s business thoroughly and then prepare an Information Memorandum for the benefit of the prospective investors. We identify appropriate prospective investors and equity funds, assist in negotiating terms of placement and preparation of legal documentation. We also render assistance to our clients in completing the commercial and legal due diligence carried out by the prospective investors. In case of public offering of equity, whether domestic or overseas, we provide a complete handholding approach working almost as an outsourced finance and secretarial department for the issuer.

For debt offerings, we assist in preparation of financial model and finalization of the Business Plan. Thereafter we approach prospective lenders with the debt proposal and proactively participate in the appraisal process. We are institution and sector agnostic and approach sector specialized institutions, when required, and lending banks that are in a position to offer the best terms to the client. If required, we can also assist the client in completing documentation with the lender and obtain disbursement of funds. With client interest paramount in our mind, we strive for the best terms of loan by proactively suggesting structures that would minimise the cost of funds.