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Need Based Services

The diverse experience of our core team gives us access to a large set of skills and resources that enable us to perform critical need based assignments for our clients. We have undertaken financial Due Diligence of investee companies for venture capital funds. We have helped a client to acquire large tracts of land in North India to develop an Industrial Estate and a Residential Complex. We have undertaken investigation into a criminal fraud perpetrated at a broking house and thereafter presented the details to the Trial Court enabling a conviction. We have also been retained to develop a comprehensive portal on interior products, which we delivered successfully by putting together a team for technical development, designed the “look and feel” of the portal, determined the content for the portal, developed the business model, set up business relationships in the real world and made it operational.

This variety of our assignments is a testimony to the “length and breadth” of our experience, skills, and analytical ability. Needless to say, all our assignments are executed with our usual commitment, passion and sincerity.